Friday, August 31, 2012

i love long weekends.


labour day weekend, the weekend demonstrating the end of summer, is here, and i couldn't be happier. work has been kicking my trash for the last few weeks and i need some serious downtime; the kind of downtime only a 3-day weekend without obligation can provide.

other than a haircut tonight, our only plan is a "fringe" marathon to finish up season 3. i suppose some baking or cooking will also occur, as well as hitting up some of our favourite in-town eateries for food (in-town, in this sense, includes pacifica--i've portioned off a little bit of hope for a quick trip down to pacifica for fish-n-chips at camelot).

what are you up to? is summer truly on the way out where you live? for us in the bay area, summer is right around the corner. our warmest months are september and october. but like many others, i'm looking forward to fall. it's my favourite season.

really wishing you the best labour day weekend you can have.

love truly,
katie kate
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