Saturday, August 25, 2012

the weekend is on.


the weekend launched with a lazy saturday morning. i stayed in bed playing words with friends (totally addicted) with my sister-in-law and watched the hunger games. my overdue laziness (i haven't stayed in bed so late on a saturday in a very long time) eventually shoved me out of bed to get dressed and see the daylight. i walked the few blocks to the old theatre and saw the bourne legacy movie. it was awesome. i'll agree with my baby brother that the other bourne movies were better but this one was a great addition--great action and a killer motorcycle chase. then i stopped at the market for some food (my fridge is a little too lean)--milk, bread, apples, strawberries--and headed home. the walk was nice; it's just the right distance for errands. the rest of the night will be much of the same--vegging out watching a movie or two--sneakers is on deck) and reading. i started jane eyre again. i'm hoping to pick up on more of the symbolism this time around than i did with my first reading.

tomorrow is church, a nap, hopefully some skype or facetime with family, and then choir practice in walnut creek.

it's a quiet weekend over here. it's nice. hope you're enjoying yours.

love truly,
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