Friday, September 14, 2012

a weekend to hang art.


after brunch on saturday at our new favourite spot, blue jay cafe, i'll be assisting my guy in hanging art for the charitable event "a night for city hope." i'm looking forward to it, even though i know little abou it. we get to be all artsy and design the art display layout and then we'll go home, get cleaned up, and head back over as guests. i'm wearing j.crew's minnie pants in black, black sequined ankle-strap flats, and a teal short sleeve silk blouse--the blouse is one of my favourites--it has rows of little pleats across the front and an exposed 1/2 gold zipper in the back. i may even go super artsy and wear my black-frame glasses. -wink- my hair will probably be up in a ponytail and my lips will be stained rosy pink. i'm excited. there aren't many occasions for semi-dressing up and we've never done a project together like this before. i have my laptop and camera on the ready for music and photos during setup.

sunday i teach my first ctr primary class. i'm a little nervous because kids are so smart at the age of 6 and it's been a very long time since i've been in primary. i'm kinda sad about missing relief society and sunday school, especially since i'm still new in the ward and need the time to rub shoulders with the women and other members, but primary is so fun. it whittles the gospel down to the basics and there's a song for everything. wish me luck!

what are your weekend plans? has fall started to show itself in your neighbourhood yet?

love truly,
katie kate

p.s. happy birthday, brother!
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