Friday, October 26, 2012

weekend: trunk or treat!


i'm really not that into halloween (i was as a kid but that's a story for another time) but when one of the 7-year olds in my primary class asked if i was going to be at the trunk or treat i couldn't say no. how could i? she was looking at me with such sweetly pleading eyes. i caved and committed and a smile lit up her face. i asked her what her costume was and she exclaimed a witch. the trunk or treat should be fun with the kids. besides, they're the best part of halloween--all dressed up in cute little costumes. what a blast!

other than that, it'll be a fairly typical weekend of eating and reading and napping. maybe i'll be lucky enough to get some college football in front of my face. that would be a dream!

any of you celebrating halloween this weekend? send pictures of costumes and candy piles!

love truly,

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