Tuesday, November 6, 2012

7-bedsit london home reconverted to single family home.

there are some lovely aspects to esther's london home--the fireplace turned sitting area; the unique (antique?) toys--rocking horse, train; the green pendant hanging light; the wooden floors; the bedroom is a dream; the mismatched hallway flooring. fun place!

apparently it was a divided house after world war II (7 bedsits--residents had their own room and shared bathrooms) and esther converted it back into a single family home.

images courtesy of designsponge.com

the bedroom has so much appeal. it looks like it could fill both my need of a comfortable place to slumber but, at the same time, be a place where i can push out some writing while sitting indian-style on the bed or go through my google reader. i'm all for bedrooms that are meant for sleeping but multi-purpose bedrooms are just as dreamy.

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