Friday, November 9, 2012

the weekender!

the weekend is here--happy friday!


this weekend my boyfriend's parents are in town--they arrive in a few hours (2h09m and counting) and i'm excited to see them again. we're tossing around all kinds of ideas: see "lincoln" tonight; dinner at camelot (yummm, fish 'n chips and hush puppies). tomorrow we may head over to tilden regional park for a ride on their carousel and great views of the city and simply to be outside in a beautiful park. we may even hit the oakland farmers market in my neighbourhood. perhaps we'll shove our faces in lanesplitter or zachary's pizza for supper. i think sunday we're having family dinner. hopefully i'll be able to add something to the spread, carrot cake maybe (mmmm, carrot cake). should be a good time having them here.

i also need to find time to skype with my brother and his family in ohio as well as wrap up my lesson for primary.

i've been wanting to write, lots of ideas and words in my head, but when i sit in front of my computer other things happen, like scrolling through netflix or blogs. hrmph. need to write.

ok lovies, enough about me. what are you up to this weekend?

love truly,
katie kate

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