Friday, December 14, 2012

final christmas shopping weekend.

christmas is coming ever closer and this is my last weekend in the bay area.


with two christmas gifts left to buy, i'll be heading to the renegade craft fair holiday market (after an inspired haircut). it's a fun event and i'm certain i'll find just what i'm looking for, if not a few additional items. i'll drag my partners in crime along with me even though i know they'll enjoy it just as much as me. it's fun looking at all the crazy and bizarre things people try to sell. there's always someone who will buy that ridiculous pillow or overpriced recycled notebook. i go for the jewelry and unique items.

sunday i'll head to the city to attend church with my man and his daughter after my ward's special program. later that afternoon we'll enjoy the choir of men and boys in the halls of the magnificent grace cathedral. i love the sounds of a boys choir during the holidays.

in our downtime, we'll be resting sore throats and congested heads. i hope you have a "most wonderful time of year" weekend!

love truly,
katie kate

p.s. it's hard to say much about the devastation of this morning's events in connecticut. what a tragedy.

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