Thursday, January 10, 2013

style diaries: one.


my office gal-pal, ayl, cooed as she told me she wanted to pinterest "pin" my look today. what a compliment! while the actual pinning may be tricky, here's my outfit in pieces.
the sweater: a total splurge. hello, cashmere indulgence. (neon peach)
the skirt: looked too fantastic on my mother for me to pass it up. (bottle green spot)
the boots: had them for ages. they've still got it. (cognac leather)
the lipstick: a new thing for me. i'll pull it out now and then. (extreme 536)
the loose sweater over the swishy skirt and boots has a seventies feel to it; but the colour of the sweater (neon peach) sends the ensemble right into today.

i could imagine a similar look on farrah fawcett or jane birkin. (bold of me to drop myself in their company by way of fashion, i know.)

sometimes i just love getting dressed in the morning.

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