Wednesday, January 16, 2013

behold, dresses from bhldn.

wedding wednesday
volume 4  |  chapter 4

it's been a long time since i've stopped by bhldn's site to drool over the dreamy dresses. and since it's more fun when there are others to gush to about the spectacular gowns, my favourites are below.

images courtesy of

isadora gown, $1,800  /  cyprium gown, $1,000  /  crashing waves gown, $1,200  /  luella gown, $1,800  /  aiguille gown, $1,200  /  rosecliff gown, $800  /  lita gown, $2,400  /  cassini's muse gown, $800

the prices really aren't that bad, either. you can get a gorgeous gown on sale for $800. that sounds like a budget wedding if you ask me!

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