Tuesday, January 15, 2013

fashionable resolutions for 2013.

these fashionable resolutions by j.crew staff are fantastic! i'm definitely on-board with some of them and they've prompted me to think up a few of my own.

  • definitely wanna try a red lip, or a bold-colour lipstick in general
  • "to buy less, but buy better"--sounds obvious, right? true genius
  • invest in more black and wear more colour--i love the fun of colour and bright patterns but the simplicity of black is intoxicating
  • get rid of sloppy cotton and wear more silk
  • embrace patterns
  • rotate better through my clothes instead of wearing the same favourites over and over again

images courtesy of jcrew.tumblr.blog

do you have any fashion-related resolutions, or resolutions in general?

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