Friday, January 4, 2013

recovery weekend.


you know that phrase of needing a vacation after vacation? yeah, that's me. so i'll spend the weekend in bed reading jane eyre and watching old episodes of grey's anatomy (and maybe take me home again); mosey about the showroom and market of ikea with my guy (i could use a new space rug and orb lamp); there are some thank you notes i need to write and other writing that would be good to pound out; maybe a matinee of lincoln. it should be a simple weekend and i'm ready for that. i traveled a lot this christmas/new year holiday. and, oh, a fantastic vacation it was! i hope yours was as lovely as mine.

what are you up to this weekend? are you taking down decorations and moving the christmas tree to the curb? i find it so sad when all the trees are lined up for the trash collectors. i'll keep my wreath up a bit longer. as it dries it smells more and more amazing.

well, whatever you're up, lovelies, i hope it's a good weekend for you.

love truly,

p.s. i need a pedicure too. that would be a treat.

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