Monday, January 21, 2013

weekend dreams.


i woke up this morning at ease--no alarm, no news blaring from the tv, and wonderfully simple plans--brunch at just for you with my guy, his daughter, and a good friend. i love brunch. and i love days off work, especially when the day off doesn't count against my count of vacation days. (thank you, martin luther king, jr. for everything you did that led to a holiday being named after you.)

the weekend has been calm and wonderful thus far. we saw life of pi on saturday in a teeny tiny theatre on chestnut street. the movie was visually stimulating and deserving of every academy award nomination. i can't wait to see what happens for it. after the matinee we moseyed along the retail-congested street popping in and out of stores.

and now here i am sitting in my guy's kitchen entertaining him with random comments while he cleans and listening to jim croce on pandora trying to catch songs to add to a cd mix i'm making for my dad. the rest of our day will be much like this: quiet. what a great way to spend a day off work.

i hope you're having a great weekend!

love truly,
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