Thursday, February 7, 2013

to be a little girl again.

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to be a little girl again. the joys of it all.
>  holding a sleeping kitty.
>  running around in rain boots and a crown because you dressed yourself.
>  loving a dress so much you wear it day after day for a week and no one says otherwise.
>   watching your mother paint on some makeup and beg her for a little lipstick.
>  layering on necklace after necklace and bracelet after bracelet until you can't move.
>  adding "pretty" to everything you say.
>  excited so much to see your daddy when he comes home at the end of his workday.
>  watching princess movies while your mom paints your tiny little fingernails.
>  loving your new kitty even though she scratches you sometimes.
>  tea time with your stuffed animal friends.
>  slipping into your mom's high heels and shuffling around the house.
>  tying on an apron and helping your mom make cookies.
>  dancing dancing dancing and twirling and twirling until you fall over from exhaustion.
>  holding a fine tea cup for the first time.
>  you are the fair princess in the castle in the sky and mom and dad are the queen and king.
>  writing valentines to everyone you can think of.
>  pushing your sleeping kitty in a stroller around the neighbourhood block.

being an adult has many joys, too--like wearing a new dress every day and tucking away the compliments showered upon you for a rainy day; having more than one kitty as a pet; having your own set of beautiful tea cups; enjoying the indulgence of manicures and pedicures; writing only one valentine; re-watching your favourite princess movies; still being excited to see your dad when you go home to visit. 

being a little girl is fun but being an adult is even better, full to the brim with opportunity. you can dip your toes into both worlds and conjure daydreams that would make your little self crown you with love and adoration. 

and one of my most favourite things about being an adult? watching my nieces be little girls. 

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