Friday, February 8, 2013

wish-i-had-a-dog weekend.


it's one of those weekends that i wish i had a dog. i want to wake up early, throw on my coat over my jammies, lace up my sneakers, and take him out for a walk. he'd wait for me outside peet's while i stirred honey and cinnamon into my steamed milk, and then we'd carry on over to la farine* where he'd again wait for me outside while i snatched a morning bun. then'd we mosey down to the cemetery. i'd let him loose from his leash so he could explore freely. i'd find a bench or step to sit on and enjoy the crisp morning and time of solitude shared with my dog. 

but, since i don't have a dog, i'll enjoy dinner tonight with my guy in the city, window shopping with ss, my gal pal, in my neighbourhood (ikea, here i come!), and some downtime. i haven't baked in ages and feeling the [self-imposed] pressure--chocolate chip cookies, cheesecake, or ricotta muffins. 

what are you dears up to? some of you, i imagine, will be hunkering down with this new winter storm threatening the new york/boston area. stay warm! part of me is completely jealous. i love watching the snow fall and gather and blow and freeze. 

love truly,
katie kate

*la farine is my french bakery of choice in the east bay. if i was in the city, we would stop at tartine or la boulange. 

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