Friday, April 12, 2013

weekend: "42."

sometimes, the most joy out of the weekend is the fact that i survived the week. that alone is worthy of exclamations the likes of:


tonight we're going to see the baseball movie 42. i'm excited. the story sounds interesting and harrison ford is starring. hello! i'm not much of a fan of live-action baseball but draw up a movie about the sport and i'll give it a chance. moneyball was awesome and 42 could be too.

other than that, it's a see-what-unfolds weekend. we talked about hitting up the san francisco flower market and maybe driving to the north bay for a trail run. as long as i have 2 days off work, i'll be happy. what are you lovelies up to? anyone moving or hosting a picnic or planting a yard of wildflowers? wouldn't that be grand--planting a whole yard of wildflowers? (note to self.)

best weekend wishes, dears.

love truly,

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