Thursday, May 23, 2013

here's what's up:

you know when too much time in life has passed and when you finally have time to make an account of all those past events in your journal or diary or blog or email it seems an impossible job? yeah, that's me right about now, friends. it's been weeks, nearly a month, even. but i'm going to try. and so, in a-larger-than-the-norm nutshell, here's what's been going on:
i wheeled and dealed a new set of wheels (with the help of my man) and posted an ad on craigslist for my 13 year old jeep. emotion overload here. i'm thrilled with my new forester and sobbing over the prospect of handing my jeep over to some stranger.  
treated my guy to the american la mans race at laguna seca in monterey. the tickets were a christmas gift and we were stoked to finally cash in on the event. we had a thrill-of-a-time watching the cars race around the crazy track. yes, even me. fast rad cars--i'll go. fast rad cars that make my boyfriend happier than a little boy on christmas opening his first lego set--i'll be first in line for tickets. seriously, though, i loved every minute of it, except for the two bites from a mean fire ant--surprisingly painful for its size. 
a month ago, my guy and i quietly celebrated our year-and-a-half mark. time flies and the happiness continues to grow. 
earlier this month, i celebrated three years at my day job, leapfrog. people keep asking if it feels like 3 years, or if it feels like less. well, it feels like a combo. some weeks are sloooooow while others fly by. lately, the weeks have been dissolving quickly in front of me, thus the explanation for my absence on the blog.   
in a few weeks, i'll have the honour of adopting suzy, a gor-geous fluffy mix meow-er, from my folks. i absolutely cannot wait. i wonder if my tiny apartment is big enough for the two of us. and what about when my guy is over?
i needed some kind of noise-minimizer for the office and decided on these large headphones. i'm head-over-heels for them. don't they look rad?  
i pre-ordered she & him's volume 3 album and have listened to it nonstop since. in fact, last night, my guy and i dueted "i could've been your girl" all evening and he claimed it as his official birthday song. he also said i have zooey's style and voice tone down pat. isn't he sweet for saying so? i like to imagine i sound like her but i dare not assume i do.  
just last weekend, i was in virginia and north carolina for my guy's grandmother's funeral. it was an unfortunate circumstance for the family to get together, of course, and yes, tears fell but the stories and memories and time with each other quickly masked the sadness. it was a true joy being trusted with that experience.  
i hope all is well in your worlds, lovies. drop me a note and tell me what's going on with you.

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