Friday, May 31, 2013

weekend: i think i'll bake a cake.


i'm on my own tonight--a buddy has come to town to visit my guy; i'm keeping my cool but i'd be lying if i denied being jealous of their man-date tonight. harumph. alone time can be great, and often is, but not on a friday night, especially since i've only seen my man one night this week. (suffering from slight withdrawals...) granted, i wasn't supposed to be in town this weekend and they made their plans around my travel schedule. nevertheless, i'm a little sad.

to fill my time, i'll either catch this movie, or this one, or this one, or i'll bake a tollhouse cookie layered cake (credit to my dear friend ccf). it's rich and sweet and chocolaty and delicious. and when i tell my guy i baked a cake and ate half of it without him he'll feel guilty and realize how much more he missed me tonight. ha! ok, not my true motive for baking a cake--e'en though he will miss me; he just does. it's cute. the truth: i've been itchin' to bake lately and found myself sitting cross-legged on my bed the other night reading cooking magazines. while june is widely considered wedding season, i think i'll make it baking season. it's been a while and there's no time like the present, right?

saturday i'll be in the city doing something. it's going to be warm, like summertime warm. think i'll need to dust off one of my sundresses for the day. saturdays aren't always planned out and i like that. it's fun just rolling around san francisco and watching the road open up before you.

sunday is one of my dear niece's birthday. wish so much i could be there but it didn't work out this time around. i'll settle for a chat via skype or facetime.

i hope you have something marvelous and summer-like for your weekend. do tell!

love truly,

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