Wednesday, June 5, 2013

zip me up into a lovely vintage dress and send me on down the aisle.

wedding wednesday
volume 4  |  chapter 9

when i'm scrolling through wedding blogs to find posts worthy of sharing on wedding wednesday, sometimes i catch myself wondering if i'm going to be a lazy bride. why? because i don't want all the fuss of homemade signs, silly slogans, extra stuff on the tables, piles of cupcakes, a hot spot for filming, photo-ing or writing memories, a ridiculous board or poster with seating assignments, or lines of women dressed up behind me in a matching colour or design. i see all of that ruckus and my heart rate soars, sending me on a search for quaint red brick and white town halls. ten years ago (even just 2 years ago) i thought i wanted all that stuff--it sounded like fun--but as time carries on i'm simply not interested. i want my day to be small, shared with family and only the closest of friends, in a place that means something to me and my guy, wearing a beautiful dress that pretties me up, and swaying the night away to some lovely tunes (i wonder if i could get she & him to perform live) whilst nibbling on cheese, pie and cake, my guy holding me tight.

come to think of it, it doesn't make me a lazy bride; it makes me a smart bride. i'll be saving money and time (it's no surprise why some women need at least a year to plan; short 'n sweet engagement for me). the time saved i can spend on my guy and family. the saved money i can spend on the wedding day ruckus that matters most, like truly great photos.

my sister did it perfectly with a tiny ceremony on the back porch of her house. family and only one or two friends were included. she wore a sweet little dress from anthropologie and did her own hair and makeup. after decorating the porch with vines, we went shopping for her flowers the morning of her day. in many ways i want to copy her, especially by way of the dress. forget the official wedding gown; zip me up into a lovely vintage dress and send me on down the aisle.

keeping it simple, sweetie. all that really matters is that we're there together. 

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well, maybe a small splurge on some fireworks or sparklers for the big day. those are fun.

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