Friday, July 26, 2013

a perfectly unplanned weekend.


sometimes you need a weekend mostly empty of plans; the only plan being to share time and air with the one you love. after the craze of this work week and with my hubs-to-be in town this weekend (so happy, really), the weekend is just that. it's a blank canvas waiting for us to smear it with our favourite places to eat, shows to watch, and places to be. there are things we should do, like look for a place to live post-wedding, and touch base with our photographer, but the success of the weekend is not reliant upon those items getting checked off the list. i just wanna be with my guy. (barf. maybe. but it's true.)

how i'd love to start the weekend by sitting outside peet's in the cool san francisco air sipping a steamed milk with honey and cinnamon with him tonight. it's just something we love to do. 

i'm hoping you have a great weekend ahead of you. tell me all about it, please. you know i always love hearing what you're up to.

love truly,

p.s. a special birthday wish to my cute little nephew!

p.p.s. a photo of suzy and her giant outstretched paw for you to enjoy all weekend long. she's just the prettiest.

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