Friday, July 19, 2013

it's just me and suzy this weekend.


my man is off in yosemite with his guy buddies doing guy stuff, like camping. in a tent. and not showering. gross. i can car camp for a day but after that i must return to civilization for a shower.

after work (hooray for summer hours!), i'm heading over to millbrae (south of san francisco) to pick up my resized rings. i've felt so naked without my engagement bling, i mean, ring. after that errand, i'll stop by thny's house to see her, meet evan, her new baby boy, and gush about my engagement.

saturday and sunday i'm free of rules and obligations. i'm fancying the idea of plopping down in a theatre for a double-feature or lazying about home with suzy giving hulu plus a try and contemplating a hair chopping (approved by my guy--wha bam). what i should do--instead of lounging around home--is get a headstart on the move-purge process--my closet and a couple cabinets would benefit greatly. speaking of things that would benefit greatly, the apartment could use a good cleaning. bother. maybe at least i'll spin around dancing with the swiffer.

the last time i was home alone for a weekend i baked a cake. perhaps i should bake this weekend. hmmm...

what are you up to this weekend, lovies? anyone dying of that heat in the east? if i were you, i'd find a sprinkler to run through or hose. nothing says summer like a hot day running through sprinklers. oh, and eat popsicles.

happy weekend, darlings.

love truly,

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