Wednesday, July 17, 2013

wedding plans: update.

wedding wednesday
volume 4  |  chapter 15

even though i want a small and [fairly] simple wedding, i still have a dream of what it'll be like and elements i want to include on that grand day. i have so many lists floating around--in google docs, on post-it notes, in my head, in draft gmail emails--i figured i might as well get one on blogger, too.

and so, behold, my wedding plans status update.

  • my dress: i've sat down with a dressmaker to sketch out my design.
  • announcements: i put in the order and paid the deposit today for london by parklife press. gorgeous, right?
  • cellist: still working on it.
  • photographer: i think we've nearly decided.
  • ring for my man: almost ready to order.
  • my rings resized: check.
  • date: october 12, 2013
  • ceremony venue: the picturesque market square in fredericksburg, virginia--photos below.
  • dinner after: ristorante renato.
  • chairs and tent for venue: i'm talking to a few vendors.
  • including suzy and roy--my brother's golden retriever puppy--in the wedding: still trying to figure if that's possible. suzy would look so pretty with a big ribbon bow around her neck. 
  • flowers: i have an idea--white blossoms like ranunculas, camelias, maybe a few poppies, some twigs or dry grass, all tied together with burlap and uneven long stems.
  • wedding hair: chop it or leave as is? (fiance approves the chopping. bam!)

images: forget all the locations; the ring pictures were taken by jsb himself

still lots to do but i am not weighed down by any sense of wedding stress. not right now. maybe that will come later but right now i'm feeling good and still floating in my world of blissful engagement.

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