Monday, November 11, 2013

monday, you aren't so bad. (and a note on traditions)

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today i'm swooning over coats and socks, making christmas lists and wishlists, listening to tunes for our holiday party, tapping away at work, imagining christmas at home in san francisco and new traditions.* very distract-able and daydream-y today. 

this is not a confession because i am not feeling guilty for that slice of homemade cheesecake i devoured at 11.15a today. do you mind me telling you how delicious it was? the texture was smooth, creamy light and dry, just right. hints of lemon and orange fought through to my tastebuds from the browned no-crust edges. it was heavenly. (i'm always so pleased, and sometimes even a little surprised, when something i bake or cook comes out so wonderfully. it's immensely gratifying.)

oh, monday, you aren't so bad after all.

*i'm excited for new traditions, traditions of my own with my new family; i'm a little sad, too. now that i'm married, i have a family of my own. that new fact combined with with my parents in st. george, utah, i won't be home on the farm for christmas, wishing, praying for snow; taking walks out to the barn to see the goats and collect fresh eggs from the chickens; talking to mom while she cooks up amazing food like her clam chowder or bread; working on picture puzzles with dad; reading by the fire watching the birds bop around the outside feeders and the cats prowling along the windowsills inside; seeing mom and dad at the baggage claim in pittsburgh to pick me up. new traditions are exciting and sad. honestly, i might even be a little scared. am i strong enough to handle christmas on my own with my new family? the traditions held even more meaning the older i grew and when i traveled home for christmas. i depended on those traditions; they were home to me. now i must create my own traditions for the holidays; my own sense of home for my family. 

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