Tuesday, December 10, 2013

winter warm and cozy.

this beanie and scarf and shawl and bunny slippers make me long for wintry days on the ohio farm--afternoons spent in the red leather chair reading and watching snow fall through the wall of windows; of afternoon walks over the hills and to the barn to collect the egg offerings by our helens, the chickens, and say "hello" to the goats. christmas will be different this year. i wonder if they'll miss me like i will them. (i realize it's unlikely and that doesn't change how much i'll miss them. for years they were my christmas.)

 images courtesy of alderandcoshop.com

the handknit scarf and beanie are from berlin and composed of a blend of alpaca and wool. the shawl is 100% baby alpaca and made in bolivia. the bunny slippers are felted of wool and mohair; designed in portland; made in peru. they all look so cozy, especially the way she wrapped the scarf. it's giant and gorgeous and amazing. 

grey knit scarf, $150.00  /  light grey beanie, $125.00  /  alpaca shawl, $295.00  /  bunny slippers, $95.00

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