Friday, January 24, 2014

happy birthday, mac!

steve jobs introduced the world to macintosh on january 24, 1984.

i was only a wee one and wouldn't know i'd be a mac-user for many more years. my first hint came while visiting my paternal grandparents; only, i didn't know it then. my grandfather had a macintosh loaded with a game that my brothers would crowd around to watch and play. i'd watch, too, enthralled by the overall appearance of the machine, the rainbow apple logo, and the dainty yet powerful chime as it booted up. i'm now a macbook user at home for my creative works, writing and designing. 

image courtesy of

see the many others that have been moved to greatness by this magical machine over the years. and don't miss the super bowl commercial introducing the computer that would influence and change all other computers.

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