Thursday, January 2, 2014

starting the year off right--

with hot creamy tomato soup, buttery crunchy toast, a juicy sweet apple, and j.crew's film collection, all the while ignoring the sale at (unsuccessfully, i might add). oh, and i've made a few resolutions for 2014--eat more avocados (they're really good for you!), exercise more yoga (and try out a bar method class or two), dedicate honest time to developing my writing/editing career and working on my collective, spend more time outside exploring the many parks of california, frequent pretty high heels and hats more than i do currently, plan our honeymoon, smile more often and have a good time. 

happy new year, lovies!

images courtesy of and

kyeran booties, $249.95  /  snowrose skirt, $159.95  /  andie chino, $89.50  /  ochre-rose trapper hat, $269.95  /  gathered pizzo turban, $28.00  /  snowdonia rancher, $49.95  /  deluge garnet drops, $129.95  /  paige marley moto jeans, $189.95

if you're browsing j.crew's film collection, be sure to check out shiny ponies. it's 2m23s of shoe beauty-ness.

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