Friday, January 3, 2014

weekend--more football!


nothing like needing the weekend break after only two days back on the job after a nice long holiday. we'll kick off the weekend with the discover orange bowl, ohio state (7) taking on clemson (12) and eat our fill of thai takeout. we've done a lot of work organizing and cleaning the apartment and now we kinda never wanna leave.

other than that, we'll roll with the weekend like all of our other unplanned weekends. we'll probably go for a jog, grab a late breakfast and it'll be wonderful. i have a florentine recipe i'd like to try and we'd benefit from a pot of chili to feed us all next week.

do you have any plans for the first weekend of the new year? time to take down the tree and put away christmas decorations? maybe make snow angels and drink hot cocoa all weekend long?

enjoy it, lovies!

truly yours,

p.s. special shout out to my gorgeous sister-in-law, kac--today's her birthday!

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