Friday, February 7, 2014

baking and sleeping rainy weekend--


it's going to be a rainy weekend, perfect for baking and sleeping and writing and sitting in a movie theatre for a matinee. i have carrot cake and the famous, crowd-pleasing layered tollhouse cookie cake to bake and frost, a pan of chocolate chip cookie bars to bake until they're soft and the chocolate is melty, and a batch of granola to mix. i have hours of sleep to catch up on and twice as much reading and writing to do. laundry needs washed and folded and husband needs tended to--he's showing signs of getting sick. all-the-while, m.ward's album, a new music acquisition for me, a wasteland companion, plays quietly in the background.

all that listed above is a perfect weekend in my eyes. sure, i'd love to dash away for the weekend to bodega bay and explore the quaint seaside town or spend all day running and hiking through the headlands. but when it's wet and rainy outside, my spirit yearns for comfort--baking and cooking, writing and reading. and so that's what i shall do, unless the hubs surprises me with a day trip. i could never say no to that! 

tell me, do you have any plans for the weekend? will any of you watch the olympics? i'm excited for them. all the sports and snow and cold weather. speaking of snow, i'll bet some of you are bracing for another storm while still digging out from the previous ones. goodness. whatever you're up to, i hope it's good for your soul.


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