Monday, April 21, 2014

either/or: erin wasson gave hers to madewell and showed up in their spring photoshoot--in malta.

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madewell did an either/or list with erin wasson--l.a. resident, jewelry designer, tv personality, texan tomboy, model for their spring shoot. i wonder if madewell would accept one from a san francisco resident, aspiring copy editor and grilled cheese lover--me. here's mine:
jeans or leather  >  jeans
earrings or necklaces  >  earrings -- and my dainty brooks name necklace
gold or silver  >  gold
shrunken or oversized  >  oversized
secret keeper or open book  >  secret keeper
sinatra's new york or jay z's empire state of mind  >  frank sinatra
surfboard or skateboard  >  neither
girls or the new girl  >  i don't subscribe to either
keith or mick  >  mick
new york or l.a. ...or hawaii  >  hawaii
cold showers or hot baths  >  hot baths
dinner or dessert  >  dinner ...and then dessert, maybe
early riser or night owl  >  early riser
homebody or busy bee  >  homebody
big parties or small gatherings  >  small gatherings
storyteller or excellent listener  >  excellent listener
airplane, train or car  >  car -- i love a good roadtrip
presents you can unwrap or experiences you can share  >  experiences for sharing
phone calls or emails  >  emails -- phone calls are better but i'm awkward on the phone
central park or central air  >  wide open windows and a summer breeze
fresh flowers or great art  >  fresh flowers -- tulips, please
morning coffee or evening cocktail  >  my evening cocktail is a glass of milk
hats or sunglasses  >  sunglasses
flats or heels  >  heels, as in heeled booties
handshake or high five  >  high five
organized chaos or chaotically organized  >  organized chaos
foxy brown or li'l kim  >  who?
jay or bey  >  huh?
stones or beatles  >  stones
done up or undone  >  undone
desert or ocean  >  ocean
thunder or lightning  >  thunder -- i love the rumble

now it's your turn. go!

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