Monday, May 19, 2014

wishing this monday away.

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even though i'm a happy shining people, occasionally i can't help wishing myself off onto a page in the library of my dreamworld. 

  • i was on the farm in ohio, spending an afternoon of my winter break walking the hills with the dogs, taking in the views and kicking snow, collecting fresh eggs from the chickens and feeding scraps to the funny goats
  • or sitting on a church's steps in petaluma, a vanilla soft-serve ice cream cone in hand, happiness abounding, smiling ear-to-ear
  • or outside a parisian cafe on an overcast fall afternoon with not a care in the world but all the amazing things we're going to see
  • or finishing the book i'm reading so i can start my next one which is waiting for me on hold at the library
  • or when my next creative streak is going to strike like thunder in a summer storm
  • or when i can finally give my mr. his birthday presents -- they've been building up in my office cube for weeks now, kind of like my excitement (tonight is the first -- we're going to see nickel creek)
  • or celebrating my baby brother's birthday this week side-by-side -- i don't even know the last time that happened
  • or dipping a giant corndog in a bucket of plain yellow mustard, gushing over every bite of its deliciousness

i love my life. as it is today, at this moment. it's just that from time-to-time i wish i could blink myself somewhere else for a moment or two. and i have found that wishes like these tend to better even the wonderful life i awake to everyday. 

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