Saturday, September 13, 2014

the weekend: nearing the halfway point.


we are nearly halfway through the weekend already. whoa. having friday wide open as a free day (my last day at leapfrog was thursday; i start my new job at quid on monday), i treated myself to a slow and steady recovery run on the east beach in the morning and then to an in-store visit to the sprawling anthropologie in corte madera. after sufficiently self-medicating, retail-speaking, i headed north on a lovely drive to point reyes where i intended to sink my toes into the sand on kehoe beach and lose my wonderments in the calm of the ocean. i tried to ignore and wish the fog and sinking temperatures away; i wasn't dressed for a cold day on the beach. the weather won and i turned around and headed home. the evening and night was quiet with naps and simple bread and cheese for dinner while my husband was at a work event.

and now it's saturday. we're watching football, eating fried eggs on english muffins, making plans for dinner at our favourite moroccan restaurant, cafe zitouna, and watching the b-movie hit, sharknado. it's an easy weekend and i like it. 

sunday will be sunday. i have cornish hens to roast, notecards to write, and more to learn about julia child's life in france

wishing you all the best for your weekend.


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