Friday, September 26, 2014

weekend with the white rabbit.


what a week. i'm beat! i'm ready for the weekend and some normal times and errands. time at home. time driving. time reading and writing. aside from the usual work stuff, check out what we've accomplished so far (and this was all in the evening after our full-time professional responsibilities).

  • monday -- we bought a used car. hello, volkswagen white rabbit! 
  • wednesday -- visited an interested party on the peninsula for selling the subaru. 
  • thursday -- ran errands to pick up packages at ups and fedex, after treating myself to a manicure/pedicure. 
  • friday -- early morning run in addition to walking commute. 

and here's what's penciled in for the rest of the weekend.

  • friday -- lunch with dear friend, ayl, at the plant on the embarcadero. continue plugging away at team presentation. dinner date with my husband at goat hill pizza for our pizza fix. (it's been too long and we've been craving it.) stop by ups and fedex on the way home for other packages. watch the "scandal" premiere again before bedtime. (well, hello, shirtless scott foley!)
  • saturday -- take the white rabbit out for a real run on the open marin county roads and visit bodega bay or head south to pescadero. or visit the everlane open house. (how will i choose?!) market visits, beach run, watch amelie for my french prep (2 weeks!) -- and continue to drool over these gorgeous ballerina flats. clean the kitchen, sweep, and vacuum. 
  • sunday -- try to not think about having babies while surrounded by them at church and their young, gorgeous mothers. send husband off to leland house for community action and watch the women's broadcast. maybe i'll bake something or make some facetime calls. i really should. finally, to bed early. monday comes before i can hit snooze.

looks exhausting, right? maybe a little but i'm eager for some normal time stuff with my mr. brooks.

please, lovies, tell me what you're up to. 

truly yours, 

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