Monday, October 27, 2014

her work has graced shop windows worldwide--

i missed my chance to snatch this lust-worthy scarf by uk-born-and-raised-and-now-brooklyn-based designer helen dealtry. total bummer. i was worried about missing it for christmas and planned to purchase today and tuck it away until the big c-day but, alas, it was sold out! that got me to thinking and investigating to see if i could find it somewhere else. sadly, no, but i did join the waitlist in the cross-my-fingers-and-toes case dealtry releases the scarf again. whilst on her site, i found these other beautiful scarves and watercolor images. 

images courtesy of

light races, $225  /   iris, $225  /  satet, $225  /  moon journey, $225

i am obsessed now with getting my hands on one of her giant and gorgeous scarves. i'm intrigued by their size -- they're nearly blankets! 

now the trick is deciding which one... however, if the etched geo scarf returns to in stock, that's my first choice. 
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