Friday, October 10, 2014

weekend: bon voyage!

on sunday, we fly to paris!


holy cow, i truly cannot believe paris is only a few days away. i've been romanticizing this trip for months, maybe even years, and monday i set foot in paris. monday! i've been checking the paris weather every day for a couple of weeks now and i'm pleased -- overjoyed, really -- to see a forecast of low- to mid-60s, clouds, a little sun, and even a day or two of rain. 

we still have to pack, run a few errands, get our last snuggles in with suzy, clean the house (with amelie playing in the background), and do some market shopping for plane snacks before we'll be ready to go on sunday, but you can bet that between now and landing i will be practicing my french salutations -- "bonjour!" "enchante!"

'til my next post from paris, my dears, have a wonderful weekend! 

love truly,

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