Saturday, December 27, 2014

i am not a cat person.

ask anyone that knows me: i'm not a cat person. and if you had told me even just 4 years ago that i'd have a cat and be blogging about her and posting pictures of her on facebook and taking videos of her because she's so funny, i would have said you were nuts. and yet, here i am at the end of 2014, suzy tucked beside me sleeping as i'm watching football and writing. about her. 

but i relentlessly insist, i am not a cat person.

i've never had anything against cats; i've simply preferred dogs. big dogs. big dogs like golden retrievers and st. bernards, bernese mountain dogs and newfoundlands.

and then when i was home for christmas in 2012, i met suzy. we shared my bedroom in the upstairs of the farmhouse -- she slept curled up in the corner on my bed. when she wasn't there, she was pacing the long wall of windows downstairs, watching birds dance in the snow and fly from feeder to feeder. we didn't bond as human and animal but later when my parents mentioned they couldn't keep her, my first thought was to adopt her.

that was more than a year and a half ago. and i'm still not a cat person.

especially when i can have a cat that rushes to me when i call her name -- like a dog.
or a cat that comes to my aide when i'm in trouble or feeling ill -- like a dog.
or a cat that will sit beside me and beg for a bite of my food -- like a dog.
or a cat that barks when she wants to be fed or needs attention -- like a dog.
or a cat that loves having her belly rubbed -- like a dog.

so i kinda lucked out. i have a fluffy, soft cat without many of the typical cat characteristics -- she doesn't hiss or bite or scratch -- and plenty of dog characteristics. it's like having a big dog inside a tiny little fluffy body named suzy.

i'm a suzy person.

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