Friday, December 19, 2014

weekend: snowball fight!


the rain continues to pour down and while it's just rain in san francisco, it's snow in yosemite. beautiful beautiful snow. and so we might go. if we do, we would surely have the greatest snowball fight ever. and the longest distance i've ever traveled for a snowball fight.

if we don't go, we'll finish getting the apartment ready for christmas. the tree needs the final decorations hung, gifts need wrapped, the apartment needs cleaned, and shopping for holiday baking (i wanna try my hand at baking yulekage, a yummy norwegian christmas bread with fruit and cardamom) needs done. so much to do. but at least it's finally feeling like christmas

are you ready for the holiday? even though there's much work ahead, i'm growing more excited for the big day. i especially wanna wrap presents, tuck them under the tree, and then let the madness of unwrapping commence. i'm also looking forward to our christmas traditions -- christmas eve candlelight service (come if you're in the bay area!) and one present on christmas eve and breakfast christmas morning and then a jog christmas day afternoon and christmas movies, like while you were sleeping (favourite!) and the lord of the rings trilogy

merry christmas lovies!

love truly,
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