Friday, January 2, 2015

weekend: more rest time.


the weekend is here and i hardly feel like i deserve or need one since i've been on holiday and working from home for the last week+. nonetheless, i will savor every remaining moment before having to dress for the office monday morning.

the moments start with a quiet evening in with my husband exclaiming at the tv while the warriors play against the raptors. tomorrow starts with a tartine treat (it's been months since i've sunk my teeth into the delicious, soft and seasonally flavoured bread pudding) with ayl, and then i'll head north into the marin headlands with my husband for a hiking jog. the bay area has been under a chilly weather system for a few weeks now and i love how it fills my lungs. i feel so alive. 

to finish the day, we may see "the imitation game" or "interstellar."

sunday will be an official resting day. the last before we all return to our regular weekly schedules, including a re-dedication to hitting the gym early. five thirty in the morning early. 

what's on your weekend agenda, lovey? tell me. 

all the love,

p.s. be on the lookout for a new series this year -- 52 weeks of suzy kicking off next week on wednesday. time to say bye bye to wedding wednesday. until it's time for us to renew our vows.

p.p.s. if you need more tidbits from me, find me on ello and instagram.

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