Friday, January 9, 2015

weekend: sleepover!


somehow we've made it to the end of the first week of the new year. kinda crazy, right? and what a week it's been. work has been super busy and i've been feeling ill and unusually tired. i'm definitely ready for the weekend. 

tonight we're having a sleepover. just me and my husband. we're going to flatten out the sofa, make it up with blankets and every pillow we own, watch tv, and eat cheesecake. first, the the warriors vs. cavaliers game (come on, lebron!) and then episode-binge on the mindy project (mindy is hilarious and dr. danny is the best) and the good wife (julianna margulies is incredible in her role) until we fall asleep.

tomorrow i have a breakfast and then i'm hoping we can drive off for a hike somewhere beautiful. i need to shake up these tired muscles. 

talk to me, lovies, what are you up to? 


p.s. a little something fun for you guys. this is me leaving work for home, for the weekend. ha! if only. if only steve mcqueen was picking me up in his 1968 ford mustang 390 gt fastback. handsome man. handsome car. 

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