Monday, February 2, 2015

weekend: hummus, caves, and cat power.

did you have a good weekend? we did!

dinner with new friends friday night and we had a blast. we gorged on hummus, fried cheese, and schwarmas at good frickin chicken, then treated ourselves to ice cream at humphry slocombe. the cinnamon brittle ice cream was a hit! and their tahitian vanilla was quite perfect. we didn't get home until nearly 10.00p and we were proud of ourselves for staying out so late.

saturday, husband and i headed east to spectacular pinnacles national park -- after a pit stop for dim sum in south san francisco (this was for husband, not me). we hiked, walked, and jogged over 12 miles through the park, and climbed through the balconies cave with only my iphone flashlight and small, handpainted silver arrows showing us the way. husband donned his cowboy hat for the trails and i only tripped once, avoiding a faceplant in a small rocky stream. cat power and the concretes filled our ears with joyful, mellow sounds and then i felt ready, my brain free and clear from miles and hours of time to think.

sunday was also quiet. it was a day spent napping, resting, and baking (4 loaves of banana bread!). quiet sundays are my favourite. they fuel and ready me for monday.
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