Wednesday, March 25, 2015

four things about suzy.

1. she's moved into her new state as a city cat well: she watches cars drive by all day long -- ne'er a bird in sight. and when the afternoon sun pours through our bay window, she stretches out like a socialite by the pool in palm springs soaking up the rays.
2. in the mornings when she's feeling frisky and playful, i'm rushing out the door to catch the bus to work. she doesn't like it. she cries. she paces. she stands by the door trying to block me. she stares at me. she nudges the brown ribbon. all i can do is kiss her little head, tell her i'll be back later, and dash off.
3. she's doesn't eat fish. she likes beef and white cheddar cheese and she loves liver. 
4. every morning she wakes me up around 4.30 -- she's an early eater. after i stumble back into bed for 30 more minutes, she jumps up and snuggles tightly beside me, sometimes with her head resting in the crook of my arm.

52 weeks with suzy. week six.

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