Friday, August 7, 2015

it's going to be a food weekend--


i know it's been a while, friends, and i'll get to catching you up with my life in a little while. but first, i have to tell you how excited i am about this weekend.

earlier this week i learned there's a chik-fil-a in walnut creek, a short drive from san francisco. this is such fantastic news. jeremy's daughter isn't usually with us on fridays so as a celebration of the rare occasion, i'm buckling them into our white vw rabbit and heading for the best chicken sandwich and waffle fries known to man. they're going to be beyond surprised. don't tell them. ssshhh...

tomorrow, after a chill day at home and morning workout, i'm gathering with friends and loved ones for a belated birthday celebration at goat hill pizza. goat hill pizza sent me a coupon for my birthday -- a free pizza of ANY SIZE. ANY SIZE. we'll wear birthday hats and eat pizza until we burst. 

on sunday i get to meet the adorable maltipoo penny. finally. my dear friend ayl got her a while ago and it's taken us months to find a time that works for us to meet. isn't she adorable? she's like a little muppet dog. i've also been craving mac-n-cheese so i think i'll try my hand at a creamy version of my own. and maybe key lime pie. 

i can be skinny next week, right? 


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