Thursday, October 15, 2015

heath ceramics: at dinner sunday night--

after they returned from a couple weeks vacationing in bali, our chic neighbours invited us over for dinner sunday night. (finally! i'd longed for an invitation into their apartment for ages.) upon entering, the apartment smelled like fall -- a favourite season amongst the group, and one we all agreed was too short in the bay area. on the stovetop, simmering in a le creuset pot, was a mixture of sausage, butternut squash, and mushrooms. the aroma made my mouth water. looking about the apartment, my eyes moved to the table -- decorated and set with heath plates and bowls. my heart jumped out of jealousy and envy and then landed on swoon. everything was so beautiful, and i was suddenly very self-conscious. the flowery plate i presented my homemade almond tangelo cake on suddenly seemed overdressed. this was a table made gorgeous from simplicity. 

and then the most amazing thing happened. 

the large heath serving bowl in moonstone blue emerged from the refrigerator with this apple chicory brown butter dressed salad. i nearly gasped but contained my composure. barely.

when it came time to eat, i enjoyed dinner like an adult and refrained from spilling my accolades all over myself like a toddler gripping a fork for the first time with clumsy, fat fingers. i appropriately complimented the meal and graciously asked for seconds, and then offered to finish the salad if no one else planned to. 

it was then, during and after the evening, that i decided i needed to build out my cupboard of simple dishes. i'm all for the overdressed and over-designed and the fun that can add to the table. but there's true beauty in simplicity and i want to dip into that. i mean, look at the products of heath ceramics. incredible. the red carpet of simple dishware. 

maybe i'll have a cupboard of heath ceramics in my [someday] farmhouse. 

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it would be easy, after seeing their amazing apartment, enjoying the incredible meal, and swooning over their kitchen and kitchen stuff, to walk back into our apartment and feel inferior. they're the kind of couple that has everything -- cool jobs, good looks, a rad apartment, and all the household tools and stuff that i want. AND they're nice. the nicest. but i walked through our apartment door, nodded at the gorgeous wreath, greeted suzy, and felt home. our apartment may be older and in need of upgrades, but it's home and it's where we belong together as a family. that's more important than anything else. 

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