Friday, November 20, 2015

weekend: looks like we made it!

barry manilow said it the best -- "looks like we made it" -- and that's how i'm feeling about today as we launch into the weekend. 


it feels like months since i wrote, and it probably has been. i'm not a fan of the word "busy" but that's what i've been -- busy with school, work, and home -- every facet of my world. lately i've had some rare extra time that's allowed for creative ideas to poke through -- ideas to write and return to my corner of the web here on so many pretty things. 

i've been through a bit these last few months, some details i'm not quite ready to share but will at some point -- writing is a balm for my soul. that aside, right now i'm focusing on what's ahead and that's thanksgiving, prefaced by a giant roadtrip -- 10 hours giant. weeeeeeeee! i've been listening to a lot of stevie nicks to get in the roadtrip-driving mood. this weekend we're preparing the car, getting the house (and me!) in shape, packing, and filling the suzy bank with extra snuggle and nap time. 

it'll be a wonderful thanksgiving. it's my favourite holiday and this year i get to meet my brand new nephew, grant. as is standard of my thanksgiving holidays, i'll be running around and having sleepovers and reading books to my nieces and nephews -- burning off all that wonderful traditional food, including my family-famous stuffing.

what are your thanksgiving holiday plans? are you a black friday shopper? do you celebrate the holiday in a traditional way? are you hosting a friendsgiving? tell me what you're up to; i'd love to hear. 

love truly,

image courtesy of cupofjo

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