Wednesday, May 18, 2016

the list diaries: chapter 001 -- from walgreens.

i haven't been writing on the blog for a while. what can i say? life stuff happened -- creative juices were zapped to near extinction and other mindful resources were reallocated. but this morning, walking back to the office after an errand to walgreens, i was amused at the contents of my bag. along a couple more blocks and i had come up with a new and easy way for me to resurrect my blog presence with... 

the list diaries.

as i continued to walk back to work i considered the idea -- a weekly post with a list. surely i have enough things to write a quick list about, like the things i buy from whole foods; or the white things i have in my closet; or the list of things in my beauty cabinet. still, i'm amusing myself about the idea but figure i'll give it a go for anyone out there still hanging on with me, refusing to let so many pretty things wither away and die.

the list diaries.
chapter 001.

  • dove deodorant because the travel size stick is running out. this is a full size stick to keep at work because i'm showering here 3 mornings a week after bar method class.
  • 6 bags of almond m&m's because 2 bags are not enough of my favourite work snack.
  • aveeno shaving lotion. simply the best one out there.
  • aveeno face wash that my skin actually agrees with! it washes off my makeup without leaving my skin feeling tight or overly squeaky clean. 
  • jergens self-tanning lotion -- the need is real, people. like one of my husband's friends said, "There aren't enough sunglasses in the world for the amount of blindingly white thighs walking the streets of SF today."

my shopping intent was only the first 2 items but my basket quickly filled up with other must-haves. and i only have myself to blame because instead of grabbing my stuff and getting out, i wandered the aisles looking for cool stuff i didn't know i needed. does that ever happen to you? 

image courtesy of emily cox pahnke's instagram

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