Friday, October 14, 2016

rainy weekend ahead.


Friday and rain?! Total joy. 

Good news to share: After almost 4 months of living in a hotel after our apartment suffered water damage from an upstairs pipe breaking, we've moved back home. When we opened the storage unit yesterday for the first time since packing it, I was shamelessly happy to see all of my stuff -- my clothes and shoes, my bird print and white cabinet. It was all still there, just where we'd left it. And now it was coming home with me. 

And so that will be our weekend -- unpacking and arranging the apartment, all-the-while kale soup will be simmering on the stovetop and college football will be on the television keeping us company all day. I also plan on making some banana bread if I can find bananas ripe enough. If not, I may end up making pumpkin bread -- oh shucks.  

The arranging part I'm especially excited for because when I moved in, I moved in around my husband's things. Now it's like a clean slate and we can arrange the apartment together. Weeeeeeee!

Anyone going to a pumpkin patch or carving pumpkins? Tell me every last detail. 

Hooray for my favourite time of year when the best apples are in season, college football is on television for 12+ hours, and the kitchen is my favourite room.


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