Friday, January 6, 2017

back-to-life weekend

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anyone else feeling a tinge of sadness now that the holidays are behind us? even with all the hustle and bustle and cramming and busy-ness and travel, the holiday season is my favourite time of year; and the first week of january is one of the most difficult. it's been a long week, in spite of having monday off, and i'm looking forward to a quiet weekend.


it won't be too quiet, though. we're going to keep the purge momentum going by digging deep into the stuff in our storage units -- what can we throw away? what do we keep? going through boxes of stuff from my adolescent life while home on the farm in ohio was one of my jobs and it was a blast. i came across memories so old i didn't even know they existed. 

we're also "moving" into our friends' home in bernal heights to house- and dogsit while she heads out to india for a wedding. her house is spacious, brand new, modern, and clutter-free; her goldendoodle momoe is snuggly and chill and just the kind of dog you want to share a house with. she travels so much for work that i wonder if we moved in permanently if she'd even notice. i mean, we're going to need a bigger place once baby boy comes along and momoe already loves me. 

happy weekend to you and yours, and hopefully we can pull ourselves out of the post-holiday blues.

love truly,
kcb and baby

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