Wednesday, January 25, 2017

the list diaries. chapter 007 -- mothering on the brain

images courtesy of motherly and hatch newsletters

the list diaries.
chapter 007.

since the moment I thought I might be pregnant, back in August while at the lakehouse on family vacation, this baby has been on my mind day and night. and now that I'm two days into my 3rd trimester, baby brain has skyrocketed and the pressure of how quickly these last weeks will go is beginning to set in. not only are there a number of things to buy (even with our plan of keeping it simple), the list of to-dos is quite lengthy -- and no doubt I'm forgetting a few things. 

things to buy:

  • the first round of newborn diapers
  • a rocking chair or glider -- a comfortable seat for nursing and napping
  • a car seat 
  • a stroller
  • a diaper bag, or determine which bag in my current collection could serve as a non-traditional diaper bag

things to do:
  • decide my birth plan 
  • build my hospital go bags, one to keep at the office and one for home
  • write a labour plan for the office, just in case my water breaks at work 
  • start attending breathing and labour prep classes
  • hire my maternity leave sub at work -- can't abandon my team!
  • plan out and complete as much work in advance as I can, particularly related to my ongoing branding and culture projects
  • decide what my returning-from-leave work situation looks like
  • line up someone to care for Suzy while we're at the hospital
  • draft out an approved visitor list, and the timeframe

amid those lists, I'm still a wife and a stepmom. the duties and responsibilities that come with those roles cannot suffer just because I'm pregnant. however, my most important to do right now is to continue building a safe place for baby boy Brooks to grow so that when it comes time for him to show his face to the world, he'll be ready. #icantwaitforapril

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