Friday, February 17, 2017

weekend: I'm jet-planing back home


image courtesy of vogue

my brother and sister-in-law are back from their vacation in hawaii which means it's time for me to hug and kiss my nieces and nephews and return to san francisco -- but first, one more movie and pizza night. 

the parent-child reunion is quite sweet to witness and I'm looking forward to a reunion of my own, with mr. brooks. I've missed him terribly. while I've been away (11 days total) and we've had to rely on phone calls and text for keeping in touch, I've been reminded how funny he is, and that I can fall in love with him again -- anytime, and almost without realizing it. (isn't that delightful?) 

monday is a holiday for me -- mr. brooks has to work -- and I figure I'll spend my time washing baby clothes and picking up stuff from the office that shipped while I was away, like my fawn design backpack. baby still has 2 months before he's due but I figure that time will fly by and I should make the most of my time while I have the time. there still remains much to do, and I'm growing a tad anxious. albeit, if baby showed up tomorrow, we'd be fine to make it work with what we've got. 

happy long weekend to you, lovies,
kcb + baby

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