Friday, April 9, 2010

weekend, make yourself at home.


i welcome the weekend with freshly painted toes. there's nothing like a pedicure after a long work week.

earlier this week i tackled my closet and switched out all my fall/winter clothes for spring/summer—i was saving that task for the weekend but i was full of energy after an evening run that once i started in one drawer there was no stopping me. the closet is practically brand new. i love it. since that's done my saturday is wide open. i have a long run to do with my running club in the morning and then i need to organize some ideas for a talk i'm giving in my church on sunday. saturday night is a birthday party and sunday i have a conference call with my public affairs committee.

while all that's good, perhaps most importantly, i'm going to try my hand at my mother's famous homemade chocolate sauce. there's nothing like it in the world and i have some vanilla bean ice cream in the freezer that needs dressed properly. it would make a nice birthday gift tied up with a ribbon.

here's to a joyful weekend!

love truly,
katie kate
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