Saturday, September 18, 2010

istanbul, not constantinople.

i would like to visit the a'jia hotel istanbul for any occasion i can dream up--and i can dream up pretty much anything. pack a bag and come with me! it'll be grand.

we'll spend a day searching out the hard-to-find-for-tourists hidiv pavilion and oooh and awww over the stateliness of the kucuksu pavilion. we'll take a boat to the equestrian villa--because i love horses and it just sounds cool--and to sultan mehmet the conqueror's rumeli fortress. if we have any energy left, we'll travel to the beylerbeyi palace where the sultans stayed during the summer.

images courtesy of

we'll be exhausted by the end of our day trips but i think i'd get a good rest in a hotel room as lush as those at a'jia.
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