Thursday, September 9, 2010

indiana jones gets a modern accessory upgrade.

this gorgeous scottish leather duffel appears to be geared toward men but with all the menswear trends for women these days i'm convinced a woman could operate this bag as well, if not better, than any man. (no gender equality quarrels here, i promise.)

the shape of the bag; the leather; the colour; and that flat compartment on the bottom--pure delight! i want one. it would be perfect for any weekend getaway.

image courtesy of

i love the indiana jones sketch they give the duffel. it fills the mind with adventure.

the site, delight (suggested to me by a brilliant co-worker), also gives a great number of reasons why the consumer--me, in this instance--needs the bag--aside from the obvious free shipping. my favourites:
  1. your chilean visa just expired and some crazy stuff went down in the rain forest. (substitute "chilean" with any other exciting travel location.)
  2. you found a giant box of gold when you were scuba diving in belize. and you took it. (this adventure resonates more with the count of monte cristo than indiana jones.)
  3. you have to jump out of your propeller plane because the pilot turned out to be a spy.
  4. you ticked off a large group of angry nazis by stealing their map that plots to take over the world. (this is very indiana jones.)
read all of the exciting reasons and buy your own adventure duffel here.
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